Driveways and parking lots may look tough on the surface, but they still need careful preservation. After all, potholes, cracks, and erosion can take a toll on even the hardest asphalt surface. That’s why finding the right repair and sealant materials is a must if you want to protect your driveways or parking lot. Are you looking to seal an asphalt surface in the Tucson area? If so, then the team at Tucson Rubberized Coatings can provide you with the great coating products you need.

Our Driveways and Parking Lot Coating Products

When you are sealing off a blacktop surface, you need to be sure that you are choosing the best product. Otherwise, your surface may not get the kind of long-lasting protection that it deserves. That’s where we come in. At Tucson Rubberized Coatings, our coating and sealant products are made to be as tough, durable, and reliable as possible. When you work with our team to get your blacktop surface coated, you will be able to count on it staying smooth and strong for years to come.

Whether you need to protect a new blacktop surface, restore a damaged surface, or provide water protection for a surface, we have the product for you! Would you like to learn more? No problem! Call us today with your questions.

What Is Blacktop Sealer?

Do you want to protect your home’s walls from chipping, cracking, and other problems? If so, then you might want to think about applying a synthetic stucco coating. Having a stucco coating can help to keep your home safe from water damage, mold and mildew growth, unsightly staining, and other issues. If you want to refresh the look of an older wall, then a stucco coating can be a good option for you.

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What Is Synthetic Stucco?

This latex-enhanced blacktop sealer will provide you with strong, long-lasting protection for your parking lot or driveways surface. You can use this rubberized sealer to not only preserve new surfaces, but also to restore the look of damaged ones. Thanks to the product’s No-Stir Gel Technology, the sealer is quick and easy to apply to your asphalt surface.

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Driveway and Parking Lot Crack Filler

Cracks will detract from the appearance of a surface. However, they can also make it unsafe to drive or walk on. They can also raise the risk of accidents. This strong, highly resistant black filler can fill in the dents, cracks, and other imperfections in blacktop surfaces. If you have any cracks in your driveway, then you should be sure to apply this crack filler before you seal the surface.

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Water Sealer and Repellent

If you do not seal your blacktop surface against water infiltration, then water can damage it and make it more likely to crack. You can use this water-based silane/siloxane repellent in order to safely seal off porous surfaces. You can apply it to adobe, concrete, block, brick, and even wooden surfaces. It will not change the look of your surface, but it will provide a shield against water damage.

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